Luis Seco Walter Farkas Rudi Zagst

Luis Seco is the Director of the Mathematical Finance Program and Professor of Mathematics at the University of Toronto. He is also President and CEO of Sigma Analysis and Management, a portfolio management firm that specializes in absolute return products and research. He has authored numerous papers in financial risk management, investments and market models, and has won a number of research awards. Prof. Seco holds a Ph.D. from Princeton University, is the director of RiskLab, an international research partnership of Universities and companies in the financial risk management sector. He has been a Bateman Instructor at the California Institute of Technology.

Walter Farkas is a Professor of Quantitative Finance at the Department of banking and Finance at the University of Zurich and an associate faculty member of the Department of Mathematics of ETH Zurich. Since 2013 he is also a faculty member of the Swiss Finance institute (SFI) - a network of all Finance and Finance related professors from Universities from Switzeland. Prof. Farkas is also the program director of the Master Science in Quantitative Finance, a degree jointly offered by RTH Zurich and the University of Zurich since 2003.

Professor Zagst conducts research in the field of applied financial mathematics with the goal of modeling financial markets, evaluating financial products and quantifying the risks of financial projects. His research activities focus on financial engineering, risk management and asset management.


After studying business mathematics at the University of Ulm he received a doctorate in 1991 from the same university for his work on stochastic dynamic optimization. He subsequently pursued a career in the financial industry. He was head of new product development in the Institutional Investment Management Division of HypoVereinsbank, head of consulting at Allfonds International Asset Management, and managing director of RiskLab – Private Research Institute for Financial Studies.

Alik Sokolov

Alik is a mathematician and data scientist, and holds a Master’s degree in Mathematics from the University of Toronto, as well as the CFA designation. Alik has extensive practical experience with machine learning, with a career focus in applying and creating machine learning algorithms to tackle problems within the financial services industry. As a data science leader in Omnia, Deloitte Canada's AI Practice, he has built models and led teams that created cutting edge solutions in enterprise risk and other areas, creating practical machine learning solutions for complex business problems.

Alik is also focused on helping set the AI strategy, talent models, toolsets & general best practices for machine learning teams, internally at Deloitte and for some of the largest Canadian enterprises.

Alik has also created courses teaching data science and machine learning that have been delivered to hundreds of Deloitte practitioners, Deloitte clients, as well as his students through a machine learning course he delivers at the University of Toronto.

Jonathan Mostovoy

Jonathan is the Managing Director for Research & Partnerships atRiskLab Toronto, and a Ph.D. Candidate for Mathematics at the University of Toronto. While his personal research interests now focus on pure mathematics, Jonathan comes from an academic background in applied mathematics, economics, statistics, and finance. Jonathan’s professional experience includes working on Capula Investment Management’s trading floor at their headquarters in London, UK – the largest relative value hedge fund in the world

Maite Quintanilla Managing Director Risklab: Training and International Relations
University of Toronto Maria holds a PHD in Mathematics from the University of Toronto. She has done numerous research projects with the financial industry within the Risklab environment and with Ryerson University. Her strengths are in the area of Applied Mathematics with special focus in Risk Management.
Romeo Ware

CEO / Chief Executive Officer & Co- Founder

Three Lefts



Romeo leads the overall growth of Three Lefts and the day-to-day operations, balancing both the financial development and business operations. He is a serial entrepreneur who has successfully d3eveloped and exited technical startups through all stages, building projects ranging from automating the process of applying for driver's licenses to the mobile solution for Point of Sales system, and creating The Hockey Hall of Fame's Virtual Tours.

Matthew Rappard

Matthew Rappard is the Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer at Three Lefts. A graduate of Ryerson University, he started his career in television production while working at major networks such as CBC and Corus but always felt himself being pulled into the field of interactive. He switched into the development and production of interactive content for YTV, W Network, CBC Television, and BlackBerry through Loop media. He used his skills in this emerging field as a Special Effects Director and to lead the Interactive Development at Loop media in Toronto before founding Three Lefts with Romeo Ware in 2015, where he is the lead developer and technical strategist of Three Lefts platforms


Hashiam Kadhim

Hashiam is a Lead Machine Learning Engineer at Dessa, where he applies his advanced knowledge of deep learning to solve business problems for enterprise clients in diverse industry verticals. Hashiam is an expert at dissecting the latest AI research and techniques and has been at the forefront of multiple deployments that have driven millions of dollars in value. He played a pivotal role in establishing Dessa as the first Canadian partner in NVIDIA’s exclusive network of deep learning solutions providers. His technical expertise was first cultivated at the University of Toronto, where he achieved a Masters of Science in Pure Mathematics focusing on probability and stochastic PDEs.

Josie Valotta

Mathematical Finance Program

University of Toronto

Ivy Wang

Senior Risk Advisor, Ontario Financing Authority, Ministry of Finance


China Initiatives Lead

Rahul Reina

Rahul Raina is a Senior Data Scientist at Microsoft Canada specializing in AI / Computer Vision and Blockchain for Power & Utilities, Retail and Financial Services verticals. Previously, Rahul has implemented AI, Blockchain, Big Data & Analytics technology solutions for firms such as Bank of America, Bell Canada, Deloitte and EY. Rahul holds MSc and BSc in Computer Science from the University of Oxford, and the University of Toronto, respectively. He also holds MBA from York University.

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