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 January 12 – April 12, 2020 Instructional Language: English Prerequisites: 1. Enrolled as undergraduate student in any discipline 2. Able to communicate in English.
"I have learned a lot from the GGSJ Program. As an English learner, I found new ways to do it through this course. Reading novels written in English and finishing an article about it are what I am still going to do in the future. As a student of engineering, I was attracted to the knowledge introduced in the class. Python, optimization, data science are all useful to my future study. I really benefit a lot from this experience." Xin Wang Electrical Engineer Student from Jiangsu University
"Here is an amazing and beneficial trip in terms of learning and practicing! We had a colorful Academic English journey: culture, paper writing, business, and, Niagara falls! Meanwhile, we learned and practiced the basic theories of Data Science, Machine Learning and so on, in class and python, with the help of responsible and friendly teachers. 'Only Products touches the normal people's life', I also want to emphasize the introduction we were given to the real life of startups and many kinds of after-class activities, such as lectures, visiting, volunteering, etc." Yanjun Shen Electrical and Electronics Engineer Student from Jiangsu University
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