In this new-aged technological revolution, industry professionals, academic institutions, and students are all facing challenges that were never encountered before. Challenges in technological infrastructure, regulation, and business innovation are requiring students and professionals alike to undertake skills whilst holding a standard of quick change and rapid acceleration between one degree and the next, and one product to another, respectively. Our state of the art training programs will give you the necessary benchmark to quick start into any industry of your choice. Acquiring the right tools and skills needed to be well ahead in the race, independent of previous work experience, you're a recent graduate, or are still in school. Our partnership with universities open doors for students and professionals, connecting and networking you with great talent as well as augmenting your skills. GGSJ Centre of Digital Management & Technology Innovation was founded in 2018 by academics from the University of Toronto. We are a private sector company in partnership with RiskLab and the Master of Mathematical Finance program at UofT.
Provide Real Values We believe in education and its potential to make the world we live in a better place for everyone. We are witnessing a simultaneous gap between traditional education and industry needs. Our training programs are crafted to add value and fill knowledge gaps as well as better preparing our students and professionals in their career, lives, and general empowerment to be more successful in the workplace. Be Unique Yet Applicable Our programs are special and active for each individual's core values, which comes from our unique design, giving you the opportunity to learn by doing as well as enabling you to apply intrinsic values not just to your career, but your life. Offer Diverse and International Training Is there a better way to enhance a training program than
by diversifying the class? Our international programs are open to students from all over the world, giving them an opportunity to experience internationalization first-hand, to better prepare them to take leadership roles in the global economy.
We provide professional development to corporations, empower employees to become innovators for their organization, and teach them to become better critical thinkers and problem solvers. We keep aspiring to continuously fill that knowledge gap between finishing a degree and starting out on a career. We equip students and professionals with the necessary skills and tools to help them during this transition period, enabling them to become the next leaders in our global economy. Our training programs focus on Financial Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, BlockChain and Big Data, all addressing the technology revolution, the web 3.0 and the concepts that change the world we live in. Who We Serve We offer a diverse set of training programs, with a focus on active learning and global scenes, crafted to a wide range of audiences, while also addressing the needs and wants of each one of them. Our programs are designed for: • Local students looking for training and placement opportunities that lead to meaningful employment. • Universities looking for unique training and experimental learning opportunities for their students. • Foreign students looking for an immerse learning experience with a global context. • Professionals and corporations looking for innovative professional development opportunities.
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